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The Story of Servogear

  • 1972
    The neighbor’s vessel

    It all started as a hobby. Leif Magnus Endresens neighbor wanted to change the stern drive of his boat, and asked Leif Magnus to draw a sketch for a V-drive. The vessel got a new V-drive and controllable pitch propellers, and was tested in the summer of 1973. It reached 25 knots, which was much better compared to vessels with the same engine output. The acceleration and maneuvering was also significantly better than with fixed propeller systems.


    The results convinced us that we had a product that there could well be a market for” – Leif Magnus Endresen, founder of Servogear AS.

  • 1973
    Founding of Servogear

    Leif Magnus Endresen, together with Gunro Hystad and Arnfinn Matre, established Servogear AS November 15th 1973, in the basement of Endresen's family home.

  • Siv Hege.jpg
    The first delivery

    In January 1974, Servogear had its first delivery to a 35-foot fishing boat named “Siv Hege”. Fishing boats was Servogear's main segment in the first decade.

  • IMG_0822.jpg
    Welcome to Servogear

    In november 1975 Servogear moved from Endresens basement and into new production and office-facilities in Brubakken 73, where you still find us today. 

  • Arvid Kvernøy.jpg
    Arvid Kvernøy as managing director

    Arvid Kvernøy enters the position as managing director at Servogear after Leif Magnus Endresen and Gunro Hystad. Endresen continues as technical manager. 

  • MS Sunnhordland.jpg
    Breakthrough in the high-speed category

    Servogear's first delivery to a catamaran; refit of MS Sunnhordland (built in 1975). The refit resultet in a 30 percent fuel-reduction, and markes the start of Servogears success in the high speed category.  

  • Knutharald.JPG
    Knut Harald Vik as managing director

    Knut Harald Vik becomes managing director. Arvid Kvernøy continues on as production and service manager in Servogear.

  • Magne Møklebust.jpg
    Magne Møklebust as managing director

    Magne Møklebust assumes the position as managing director in Servogear after Knut Harald Vik. 

  • 1995 - 1996
    Environmental awards

    Servogear wins Bømlo Kommunes Environmental Award in 1995 and Hordaland Fylkekommunes environmental award in 1996.

  • Leif Magnus Endresen.jpg
    Kings gold medal of merit

    Leif Magnus Endresen is granted with the Kings gold medal of merit for his important work in Servogear.

  • Team Servogear 1998.jpg
    Servogear's 25th anniversary

    Team Servogear in 1998 - Servogear's 25th anniversary.

  • Nilo
    Most innovative yacht

    Chiao ( Nilo) won the prestigious award for "Most Innovative Yacht" for the installation of Servogear Controllable pitch propellers in Yachts Magazine World Trophy Awards.



  • 2009
    Wind farm service vessels and offshore vessels

    In 2009 we delivered our first propulsion system to a wind farm service vessel. Today, Servogear specialises in the category and has equipped more than 70 vessels.


    The same year we had the first delivery of a four in-line installations to a 60m high speed multipurpose offshore vessel, FOS Polaris.

  • P1010142.JPG
    Torleif Stokke as managing director

    Magne Møklebust retires after having led Servogear in 24 years.

    Torleif Stokke continues the role as managing director. 

  • seastreak wall street servogear.jpg
    Award for the refit of Wall Street

    Seastreak wins workboat environmental award for the refit of Wall Street with Servogear.


    Read more about the refit of Wall Street here.

  • Life beginsnylogo.jpg
    Life begins at 40...

    Servogear 40th anniversary

  • Servogear comfort class propeller.jpg
    Servogear Comfort Class Propellers

    Servogear introduced a new, revolutionary propeller design. The comfort class propeller is developed to reduce noise and vibrations, giving the passengers an excellent level of comfort.

  • Servogear HDE220.jpg
    Hybrid solutions for the future

    Introducing our hybrid gearbox, the Servogear HDE220.


    Servogear HDE220 is a light weight hybrid gearbox designed for high-speed vessels. This is the first CPP integrated plug in hybrid solution on the market.

Villsauen 2017 - Rolf Haldorsen.jpg

Villsauen 2017

Servogear was awarded with Villsauen 2017. "Servogear is a notable example of how great ideas, courage, creativity and innovation can be used to embrace international markets. The winner is also a part of one of the many strong competence clusters along our coast" Said Monica Mæland, the Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industry.