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Other services

Other services

Service Agreement:

We offer vessel owners to be included in a service agreement. With a Servogear service agreement, our customers get a close follow up of their vessels, ensuring the optimum propulsion performance at all times. 



To fully utilize the advantages of a Servogear Ecoflow PropulsorTM system, we offer the vessel staff to train with experienced Servogear personnel. This includes training in both technical skills and learning to operating the vessel in the most efficient matters.


Vibration Measurements:

The vibration measurements we execute uncovers propeller damages, unbalance and shaft deflection in the shaft system, misalignment, wear in gears and bearings, and looseness in equipment and structure. These readings is an effective method to identify potential improvements of the propulsion system. 


Terms & Warranty:

Please find our terms and conditions for service-work here.