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Service Agreement

With a Servogear service agreement, our customers get a close follow up of their vessels, ensuring the optimum propulsion performance at all times. 



A Servogear Service Frame Agreement secures the following:

1) Customer is guaranteed a response on their requests within 24 hours.


2) A Customer owning 1-4 vessels with Servogear Equipment is guaranteed a 10% discount on Servogear Spares. 5-8 vessels: 11%. 9-12 vessels: 12%. 13-16 vessels: 13%. 17-20 vessels 14% and above 20 vessels: 15%.


3) Customer is granted 12 months extention of warranties related to the delivery of Servogear Equipment for new vessels, if the current warranty is not ceased.


4) Customer is granted rebates on current Servogear Service rates according to 2 above.


5) Customer is granted first priority if requested spares are not in stock.


6) Regular inspections combined with crew training and preventive maintenance will increase competence, regularity, and uptime.


7) Customer is granted 12 month warranty after delivery from Servogear, on overhauled gearboxes if this is related to the overhaul. Servogear to cover parts and labor. Travel and living to be covered by Customer.